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AFL Behind The Boundary Podcast

Aug 17, 2023

Get ready for an electrifying showdown in the Behind the Boundary studios as Pez and Sauce lock horns with their rival teams facing off. The footy frenzy reaches its peak as our hosts dissect the thrilling clash, delivering a rollercoaster of insights, in-depth analysis, and the signature betting brilliance that defines our podcast.

But that's not all – a heartwarming return is in the spotlight as Pez rejoins the mic after celebrating the arrival of his baby boy. With the team back at full strength, expect a spirited discussion that delves into the strategic intricacies of the game, all while fueling your betting appetite with the latest trends and value tips.

As the AFL season barrels towards its climax, we explore the future betting possibilities with only two rounds left, scrutinize AFL venue choices, and spark intriguing discussions about the season's upcoming final series. Join us for a dynamic episode that unpacks the pulse-pounding anticipation leading up to the finals and dissects the premiership contenders and potential retirements.

Experience footy camaraderie, lively debates, and the excitement of the game as Pez and Sauce bring their A-game to the podcasting arena. This episode is your ticket to the ultimate AFL immersion, where sport, strategy, and entertainment collide. Tune in now and catch the rivalry fervor on Behind the Boundary